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Here are the Plain Simple Facts about Weight Reduction

There are different reasons why people are unable to reduce their weight:

   • cells may retain fluids and other biological matter
   • It may be caused by a hormone imbalance
   • Consuming excess amounts of processed foods, hidden sugars and fats, and of course diet sodas

This is why I like HCG. It gives your body what it needs to release the weight as well as helping you to reduce the stomach and hip fat that is so difficult to release.

Far more important, though, is the emotional components and the energetic components aspects of releasing the weight.

Please understand that:

   • Switching your diet from eating unhealthy food to eating REAL food will release toxins bringing up emotional issues that were stuck and which you are not fully ready to look at.

In other words, no matter how badly you want to reduce your weight by setting out on a wonderful new regiment, if you are not prepared to deal with those emotions that are locked into your cells, it will be very difficult and frustrating to release the weight. Those emotions that bubble up to the surface will sabotage your success. This is the REASON why diets fail!

This is where Hypnosis (a fast and easy way to weed out those emotions) will help you to become lighter and more in tune with your body and your emotional states. We take out the reasons why it feels so much better to eat comfort foods. We then focus on an inner transformation in which to love and nurture you. You will see the desire for comfort food will be released and you will only want to nurture your body because... because as you will discover...you are worth it!

If you have such an emotional attachment to those foods that you really want to have and you continually deny yourself, the negative emotion that builds up is far more detrimental to your body than if you had had the cookie or ice cream and processed the toxins out. Denying yourself, or your perception of denial, can do more damage than for you to actually have the food.
Again, Hypnosis helps you to balance the emotions as they pop up. Using it with the Hormone FREE HCG, this program is the faster, safer and most effective way to release the weight and release those emotional blocks permanently.

When you are ready to release the emotional issues, you will discover that you are going to start eating healthier foods intuitively/subconsciously. Not only are you changing your mind set; you are changing a long held belief pattern. When you start to do that, your body releases the toxicity in your cells, raising the frequency of the cells and the cellular resonance.

And there you have the INNER and OUTER transformation that you have been seeking!

Here's how it works:

Silver Weight Reduction Program

• You receive YOUR HORMONE FREE HCG Products right to door. You will also receive your e-manual on the HCG program and recipes AND your 4 Hypnosis MP3's. Each Hypnosis Mp3 has an intro (instructions). They also have a daytime or nighttime version so you can choose to wake up or fall asleep to it. It is recommended that you listen to these mp3's as many times as you can to start the neurons in your brain to rewire.

• There is a MP3 1 that you listen to as many times as you can for TWO weeks

• There is a MP3 2 that gives you added boost to carry you through the next two or three weeks.

• You also receive a 30 Minute Walking MP3 that you start using after week two. Do not exercise until after you are off the HCG Drops

• There is a MP3 3 which you listen to in Phase 2 (21 day phase in which to reset the hypothalamus) where you stop the drops and slowly introduce back into your life a 1500 to 2000 calorie REAL food.

GOLD Weight Reduction Program

• On top of every listed in the Silver package, you receive 3 personal Hypnosis Sessions with me in which to finally release the blocks regarding your specific issues.

For the first 30 days program, you will watch the weight melt away in inches and pounds eating a low caloric intake based on Dr. Simeon's protocol using High quality and Hormone FREE HCG drops, Supplements and Hydrate. Amazingly, you will not feel hungry or irritable. Then you will go into Phase 2 where you slowly reintroduce larger portions of healthy food to 1500 to 2000 calories. After 21 days of Phase 2, you then begin your lifestyle change with exercise and healthy eating protocol that lets you eat REAL FOOD without fear of regaining any weight. That's right! By resetting your Hypothalamus Gland, you can once again return to eating real food.


I know this programs works, because I have used it personally three times. I reworked the strategy over and over until I discovered the magic formula of success.

Need to lose more than just 30 lbs? You can choose to continue on this protocol for 2 to 3 months or take a break in-between.

I only use HORMONE FREE Homeopathic HCG of the highest quality which is very gentle for the body.


I just lost 38 lbs!

In just 40 days, I lost inches around my stomach, but yet did NOT lose lean muscle.  The support for this program was impressive and the hypnosis sessions helped me to lose my emotional attachment to comfort foods.  Even more amazing, I did this without hunger or being grumpy.  I highly recommend this program with Jewels!
Michael R., Palm Springs, CA

Two Programs to Fit Your Budget

Silver Weight Reduction Program
HCG No Hormone Drop Formula
3 Hypnosis Mp3's for each phase
Plus a BONUS Exercise CD

Full Price - $295.00

Gold Weight Reduction Program

HCG No Hormone Drop Formula
3 PERSONAL Hypnosis Sessions specifically designed for your personal issues
3 - mp3's that serve as a booster to our sessions
1 Bonus exercise CD
Full Price - $695.00

Alabama A&M University Response on Our HCG Drops Supplementation

"After conducting years of research in the field of nutrition, I have come to the conclusion that we all suffer from varying degrees of micro and macro nutrient deficiencies and/or toxic overload, which causes us to overeat and has a direct or indirect effect on our metabolism and energy needs/expenditure. HCG Drops Plus Supplements can serve as an excellent program to assist you with combating these issues. After reviewing the Kit's nutritional products, I endorse this unique formula. It is packed with amino acids, fiber, essential antioxidants and other nutritional requirements needed to assist with any weight loss program."

- Dr. Martha Verghese, Professor Nutritional Biochemistry, Carcinogenesis, Food Science and Nutrition

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. In the original HCG diet, people looking to lose weight fast were injected with HCG. Then came HCG drops, which have not been proven to be as effective as they were taken orally rather than through injections. HCG as an injection is used today and allowed by the FDA for other health issues, but not approved for weight loss.

HCG drops are not approved by the FDA for weight loss... but HCG Replacement Drops are, and they are manufactured in a FDA approved lab using GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes)


HCG Drops Replacement

HCG Replacement Drops are made in the USA and manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory. The drops are sublingual (under the tongue) HCG Drops Plus' contains NO HCG hormones. Instead, HCG Drops Plus are an all natural homeopathic alternative that has been clinically proven to far-outperform even the HCG injection method. Our clients are enjoying the same success rate with HCG Replacement Drops when taken with SUPPORT™ and HYDRATE™.

The BEST Weight Release Program that really works.
Tried and Tested by Jewels!
New Weight Release Program using NON-HORMONE HCG and Nutritional Supplements
Release (on average) 30lbs in 30days.

Please consult with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to use this weight reduction program.

For more information about this, please contact Jewels at 951-201-2166